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Grow your business –
wholesale stock funding myths

Demand for quality used stock is as fierce as ever and you have your work cut out to ensure forecourts stay stocked.

That’s where wholesale stock funding comes in. While often misunderstood as being too complicated, too restrictive, and only for failing businesses, the truth couldn’t be more different. In fact, it’s often a vital tool that helps ambitious dealers to transform their business.


“From speaking to dealers, it’s clear there is a need to be agile in today’s market, not least having the basics in place, such as access to funding that gives them the freedom and confidence to buy when the right vehicle comes along. One of the biggest myths we hear is that funding is restrictive, when in fact it’s the complete opposite. You can fund stock from essentially anywhere you like, and at NextGear Capital we have over 70 auction and wholesale partners. That’s what sets us apart from traditional bank lenders, and captive funders.”

Vicky Gardner, Director of NextGear Capital Development

Wholesale stock funding – it’s not what you think

Buy stock where you want

Grow your business sustainably

Only pay for what you use

“Another common theme is that wholesale stock funding is a last resort for struggling dealers, when in fact, for our customers, we’re a first resort, particularly for those who want to grow. NextGear Capital has many dealers who we’ve worked with since they were start-ups and now have multi-million-pound funding lines. So, we’ve seen some great success stories. Fundamentally, being able to stock more vehicles, and free up cash to be invested elsewhere can drastically improve profitability.”

Darren Mornin, Managing Director

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Our Stocking Plans are built with ambitious dealers in mind.

They provide the freedom to buy the stock you want, from the sources you choose, and can free up the cash needed to take your business to the next level.

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